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Pigeons are unique in birds as they breed throughout the year and will produce between 4 and 7 broods containing on average 2 eggs each time meaning that flock sizes rapidly increase. 
Young pigeons stay in the nest until fully fledged unlike other species, which is why you never see pigeon chicks. 
Roosting pigeons within buildings are considered disease-spreading birds through their feces, feathers and parasites, they also foul walkways and this becomes a health and safety issue in the workplace. 
Some diseases that are thought to be caused by pigeon’s dropping are histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and psittacosis. 
Fouling of buildings occurs at places where the pigeons roost, the acidic droppings react with chemicals in stonework causing the stone to become hydroscopic which leads to discolouration and erosion of the surfaces. 
Pigeon droppings can become infested with mites and insects; like carpet beetles, which then contaminate businesses and home causing more infestations and further damage. 
Pigeons roosting on building structures lead to increased costs for the building maintenance due to the speed of degradation of stonework, metal work and rot in any wooden structures. 
A common problem area for homeowners is pigeons roosting and nesting under roof mounted PV panels (solar panels), causing a disturbance and a great deal of mess; this can easily be remedied by installing galvanised wire around the junction of the PV panels and the roof tile. 
Seagulls have become a relatively new bird pest, roosting along riverside properties and making a nuisance of themselves through noise and droppings. 
Seagulls are pests found throughout Reading, Sonning, Wargrave and Henley and these can become extremely aggressive in the breeding season. 
Risk to health and safety of staff and customers in terms of slipping hazards on pavements and fire escapes from accumulations of pigeon droppings. 
Pigeon problems in Reading

Looking for a solution to you pigeon or seagull problem? Want guaranteed bird proofing? All Aspects Pest Control can help. 

We have a problem with pigeons what can you do to help control them? 
All Aspects Pest Control Reading provides a free telephone consultation if you think you have a bird control issue and we will advise you on the best course of treatment. We are specialist bird proofing contractors using numerous techniques to combat all bird and feral pigeon problems; flock reduction alone is not a long term solution to pigeon roosts. While food and shelter remain new bird populations will migrate into the area to take advantage of the lack of competition, proofing against further roosting is always our preferred method of controlling pigeons. 
Is shooting them the most effective way to control pigeons? 
We can provide discreet shoots to cull pigeon flocks that maybe roosting on your property using certified air powered weapons. We operate shoots sensitively as many people take a great deal of happiness from watching and feeding bird life and we will only advise pigeon shooting as a measure of last resort. Many parts of Berkshire have large feral flocks of pigeons and proofing may prove to be cost prohibitive, where a shoot can alleviate the problem temporarily. 
All Aspects Pest Control Reading will provide detailed reporting systems to include COSHH assessments, monitoring reports, and hygiene, housekeeping and proofing recommendations. All our technicians are trained and certified to provide the best pest control solution. 
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