Professional property management combined with pest control throughout Reading 

A great deal of pest control work is responsive; responding to scratching sounds in the loft maybe down to a rat infestation or squirrels and these can happen at anytime given the nature of these animals and the constant desire to get somewhere warm and out of the weather. 
A far better way of delivering pest control is a prevention-based plan centred on routine monitoring along with a thorough inspection of the site with minor running repairs being made to prevent the infestation at source. 
Pest control monitoring from All Aspects Pest Control as part of your overall property management service is a cost-effective way of ensuring that your clients are protected from pests and in the event of a sudden problem then professional help is on hand immediately. 

All Aspects Pest Control – Integrated Pest Management and what we do 

What do we do that is different from many other pest control companies? 
The way in which we deliver pest control is not one where we just lay down rodenticide, write up a report and move on. Our technicians look at the wider issues affecting the site, making routine minor repairs to buildings as we go as we find that these neglected issues allow pests inside and so the infestation begins. 
Modern buildings are built with many plastic fittings; from the external air bricks right down to the waste drainage, all this material is made from a relatively soft material which is easy for rodents to gnaw through. 
We make repairs to air bricks and even drains where we can reach to stop mice and rats in their tracks, along with this we can provide a service to remove rubbish that’s been dumped on site. Its not uncommon for a vacating tenant to leave furniture behind or the waste from a refitted bathroom or kitchen to be dumped on site.  
A build up of waste provides harbourage for rodents like rats and mice, giving them somewhere to live and breed meaning that higher numbers will be present. 

Professional pest control monitoring in Reading from a local company 

We are often asked to carry out an inspection of a site that may already have a pest control monitoring contract from another company but still has an issue with rats. Because we actively seek entrance points for rodents like rats, our technicians carry drain inspection equipment and we carryout CCTV drain inspections as part of our normal daily work. If rats are present in the drains, bearing in mind that they are built out of plastic and so vulnerable to attackwe always look inside the drains for the cause of an internal infestation. 

What pests do we cover and where? 

We cover a range of different sites with a range of uses across the Reading area and throughout the South-East; from a small retail unit to a large public school we provide a comprehensive and detailed pest control monitoring service for each one. 
We deal with all types of pests, from simple monitoring of a site to long term management of a pest problem such as mole catching on a private estate in the south of Berkshire. No matter if its a small block of flats or a major commercial property, we carry out our service with the same dedication and we treat every customer in the same manner. 
If you would like to know more about our pest control monitoring services and you would like a no obligation quote, then please contact Debbie on 07967 360 000 or use the contact form from the website. We will arrange for a technician to visit the site and provide you with an assessment and a plan of action. 
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