As determined pest controllers we carryout a survey of both your property and any adjoining ones to determine if there is a simple solution. If we don't find anything we are able to run a CCTV camera through the sewer system to detect a hidden fault underground, for us, its about how rats get into your home and not using rodenticide to merely mask the issue. 
Rats getting into a house on Woodley Airfield; all down to a major drainage defect and sorted out in two weeks. 
You quickly learn what common factors apply to areas in rat control and on Woodley Airfield we are seeing lots of ground movement and cracking of the clay pipes. 
The airfield used to be gravel pits and wasteland back in the 80's - my playground as a young boy, and this ground is slowly settling with the result that the brittle clay pipes crack and then eventually collapse. 
This drain has suffered cracks, flushing of water erodes the gravel that the pipes sit in and it leads to what we see here: a large piece of pipe has rotated beneath the piece that is still in place and rats will then burrow out of the drain and follow the pipes into the house. 
Collapsed drain
We don't resort to the use of poison straight away; often not at all and this case illustrates why. No amount of rodenticide will stop inward migration of rats, all you'll get are dying animals in the loft, noxious smells, blow flies and maggots. If you ask a pest control company how they work and the answer is that they put down poison then you're on a ride to no-where. 
Successful pest control relies on integrated pest management: we don't charge for the camera survey as its part of our job. We can stop the rats getting in here in the short term by installing a one way drain valve, however this pipework requires digging out and replacing which will cost a lot of money. Fortunately the customer is looking to have an extension built so all this work can be Incorporated into the new build. 
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