Squirrel control in Reading 

At this time of year trick or treat is the question. The answer is Integrated Pest Management for rats, mice and squirrels - we don't see pests as a treat but something that poses a major hazard to you and your family. There's no tricks with our pest control treatments just pure customer service; we don't throw handfuls of poison around and trick you into thinking the problem is solved like other pest control companies. We SOLVE the issue for once and for good. 
Are things going bump in the night? Its not Halloween its probably a rat! 
As the year starts to draw to a close and the temperatures cool we start to see a build up of callouts to deal with rats, mice and squirrels as pests invading people’s lofts and kitchens. All these rodents have been breeding throughout the summer months all over Reading, Wokingham and Maidenhead and as we hurry home in the evening to where it’s warm and cozy – unfortunately so do they. 
The most common place to find mice, rats and squirrels in the home is the loft; this can be accessible through plants growing up the outside of the building: mice are really great climbers and as they can squeeze through a hole the size of your little finger they will use the invasive nature of ivy and wisteria to get under the roof tiles and into the loft. 
Rats are ever present in the sewers and drains that take the waste away from our homes, any underground faults with the domestic drainage system allows rats to either access the lower part of the house. These faults allow rats into kitchens and ground floor bathrooms or the cavity wall of the structure that once again leads up to the loft of the property. 
In general terms rats and mice are nocturnal and as such you’re probably most likely to hear them moving around and occasionally squeaking at night, often our clients will come down to the kitchen in the morning to find that they've had overnight visitors running around in the kitchen. 
Unlike rats and mice squirrels follow the course of the day as we do and you may hear them moving at night in the loft but often it’ll be during the day. Female squirrels start their first breeding season in December and you may hear them chirping to attract a male, you will also hear noises as they start building a drey - that's the term for a squirrel nest. They will scrape insulation from the loft into a huge pile and then create a cavity within to rest in. 
Whatever pest you have whether its rats, mice or squirrels (even Glis glis in the northern parts of Berkshire) don't shut your eyes and hide under the covers hoping it'll go away. Things going bump in the night can easily be exorcised through the use of traps followed by physical proofing. These pests create havoc in the loft and leaving it you run the risk of damaged electrics and with modern plastic water pipes; serious flooding. 
All Aspects Pest Control Ltd - we don't go straight to poison like other pest control companies; our mission is to find out the whys', discover the where's and then get you pest free for good. Trick or treat? Having rats, mice or squirrels isn't a treat but with us there's no tricks.  
Just good old fashioned service - Our customers are our priority - and we mean it. 
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