Wasp nest removal in Woodley from a local company 

A common problem experienced by homeowners in Woodley every summer – the discovery of a wasp nest, it may be found lurking in a garden shrub or hidden way inside the loft, either way for many people it’s something that they dread and fear – but fear no more, as a local Woodley based pest control company all it takes is one phone call and we’ll have you wasp free in minutes. 
When you call All Aspects Pest Control you’re getting a truly local service as we are based here in Woodley and we aim to carry out a same day service for wasp nest removal in the Woodley area. 
We take great pride in our service delivery: all of our wasp nest treatments are guaranteed. After treatment what we generally find is that all activity will cease within a few hours but in case you still see wasps flying around after this period, we’ll happily return and re-treat the nest for free. 
Our reputation as leading pest controllers in the area is defined by our service, and don’t just take our word on it – check out our Google reviews and the reviews in the Little Green Book to read what our customers sau about us. 
It’s quite common that there is a larger more dominant wasp nest which is the one that you’ve noticed, and the wasps from that nest are catching and eating all the local insects. This leads to less food for other smaller wasp colonies that you may not have noticed, and these will only grow in size if we remove the larger one. To help stop this from happening our technicians will look for additional nests and we treat those nests at the same time, with no extra charge. 
We aim to give you a 100% satisfaction service when it comes to wasp nest treatments. 

Wasp nest treatments in Woodley 

There are nine species of wasps and hornets in the UK that form colonies and become a nuisance and eight of these maybe found in Woodley, it does not matter what type of wasp that you have as the treatment all remains the same.  
If you would like to know more then read our blog on wasps as they are complex insects. 

Insecticidal treatments for wasps 

The most common way in which we treat wasp nests is to use an insecticidal powder, this works on the insects nervous system and generally takes care of the nest within an hour of treatment. You can sometimes see activity for a little longer as there maybe an untreated entrance in use but we guarantee to return after 24 hours if there are still active wasps. 
Another way in which we can treat a wasp nest is to use a machine that fires a foggable liquid insecticide, this has a rapid knock down and we see activity cease within seconds of using this equipment. This can only be used where we can see and get to the actual wasp nest and we will cut through the nest filling the inside up with the agent. 

Wasp lures and traps 

Some people suffer from anaphylaxis which means that getting stung by a wasp could have life threatening consequences, in this situation these people are very anxious during the summer months and wasps can make their lives a misery. We can supply lures and top them up as the summer goes by; wasp lures act only the target species and will not harm honey bees or bumble bees. 
For more information on wasp stings and treatments visit the Health Line website. 

Fully trained pest control technicians  

Our technicians are all fully trained and equipped with personal protective equipment which enables them to carryout their wasp treatments safely and to a high standard. We don’t use summer staff or subcontract to other pest controllers, All Aspects Pest Control is a leading business within the pest control industry and we offer unrivalled service in Woodley and right across the whole of Berkshire. 
If you have a wasp nest and want a quick, reliable service as the right price just phone us on 07967 360 000 or use our contact form and someone will be in touch. 
Testimonial Wasps in a house in Cookham 
"Superb job to exterminate two wasps nests under roof tiles. Tony was punctual, professional and efficient. A first class job and I thoroughly recommend him". 
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